Application Requirements

  • Duly completed online application form.
  • Undergraduate diploma in related fields.
  • Official transcript
    • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5 (or 75 out of 100),
  • ALES and/or GRE test scores
    • ALES ( quantitative) ≥ 60 or
    • GRE (quantitative) ≥ 610
  • At least two letters of recommendation.
  • Statement of Purpose, which may contain a discussion of the reasons for applying to the graduate program, how your educational and professional background relate to the program, etc.
  • English proficiency:
    • YDS ≥ 70 or
    • Bilgi Graduate Online English Exam ≥ 70
    • TOEFL IBT ≥ equivalent

Candidates are required to submit the relevant examination scores, but their language skills will additionally be assessed by the Examination Committee.

Candidates are evaluated according to their online application forms and can be invited to an interview by the Program Directorship if necessary. Evaluation of applications are generally based on undergraduate GPA, ALES, GRE, TOEFL scores, recommendation letters, statement of purposes and technical skills of candidates.

Candidates below the necessary level of English for the program are directed to the English Preparation Program for at most 1 year, and may subsequently start the program. The English Preparation period is a not included in the program.